A Great iPad Manual for Every Teacher ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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“A few weeks ago I posted here a poster on iPad basics which many of you have downloaded to use with their students in the class. Today, I am sharing with you another great resource on iPad. This is not a graphic but a quick reference card on everything you and your students need to know about iPad. From the hardware to networking features , this little manual can serve as a leading guide to a better manipulation of  your iPad.
 I am not sure how much iPading you are doing in your classroom but whether you use iPad just occasionally or you adopt it as a consistent learning and teaching tool,  the reference card below will definitely give you a hand in improving your iPad use. I suggest that you share it with your students and go through it with them section by section and make sure they understand it before they start using their iPads again.

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Over jeroenrougoor

Mijn naam is Jeroen Rougoor (1970). Sinds 1997 werk ik in het basisonderwijs. Vanaf 2007 ben ik werkzaam bij QLICT als Onderwijskundig Adviseur ICT. In deze functie ben ik onder andere verantwoordelijk voor: - Onderwijskundige begeleiding van scholen, projecten en innovatieve ontwikkelingen. - Verzorgen van trainingen in de QLICT trainingslokalen of op de schoollocatie. Kernbegrippen zijn: “Vier in Balans”, “Professionalisering”, “T-Pack” en 21steCentury Skills. Doordat ik nog steeds werkzaam ben in het onderwijs, staan mijn diensten dichtbij de dagelijkse praktijk.
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